About Us

Gill Group Ballina MayoI would like to welcome you and thank you for looking at the Gill Group website. It’s very exciting times for us in the Gill Group to see our training business develop so much over the last 49 years from our very humble beginnings of 1 car & 1 truck, which was started by my late father, Tiernan Gill Senior.

The Gill Group is now Ireland’s leading fleet transport education and training company and were awarded the safety in transport award for 2014, at the fleet transport awards. With over 40 people associated with our company in training and dealing with multi nationals companies at home and abroad, we are glad to offer our customers a wide range of transport and associated training courses to suit everybody’s needs, from first time car, truck and coach drivers to load securement on different modes of transport such as trucks, ships etc.

We offer a very personal service to all our customers and our motto is that we are here to help you the customer who is always number 1.

Gills Driving SchoolIf we can be of any other assistance please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the team.

  • Gills Driving School provides both licence acquisition training and Advanced / Defensive driver training nationally and internationally as well as Driver CPC training
  • Brooklands Gas Ltd is an LPG (Liquid petroleum Gas) bottling and distribution operation covering the west of Ireland
  • Brooklands Oil Ltd is a home heating / motor vehicle fuel distribution company covering the west of Ireland

We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, helpful and efficient service.

Please contact us if you have any query regarding our products or services.