I firmly believe that the Defensive Driver Training and Load Securing training programmes your company delivered has resulted in a significant reduction in the road risks for our workforce and has raised road safety awareness to a very high level.

Furthermore, the support Gill’s Driving School offered the project have provided both, safe driving skills, and assurance, to Roadbridge and our client, that our heavy haulage activities are being undertaken safely on an on-going basis.

Thomas Walsh – Contracts Manager

P & O Maritime Services

P and O Maritime Services

This is the first time I have seen the problems of loading a vehicle addressed properly and it is
important to know how to secure the load you are transporting.
I found this course very good, well delivered and very interesting. With over 30 years on the job, I have taken a lot from the course and standards to work towards.

I can only finish up by saying, it was the best course I have been on in a long time and it’s a must-do for all drivers as it makes you think about what that loads going to do when you are sitting up in the cab.

Thomas O’Leary – P&O Maritime (Ireland) Ltd